2.5 LTR MULTI MITE® Liquid Seaweed Concentrate

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2.5 LTR MULTI MITE® Liquid Seaweed Concentrate

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MULTI MITE® Liquid Seaweed Concentrate  is the Professionals choice of Fertiliser.  Our latest Seaweed Concentrate is suitable for ALL types of garden, greenhouse, trees and house plant uses.

  • FEED Additive for ALL Grass, Plants & Trees

  • Stimulates Soil Bacteria promoting Root Growth  

  • 100% Organic from Kelp Seaweed

  • Strengthens Plants against Disease & Elements

  • Used also as a Folia Feed

  • Contains: Nitrogen, Potassium, phosphate & Magnesium

  • FAST - Same Day/Next Day Despatch!

The ideal choice for gardens wishing to move away from synthetic fertilisers or animal based products proving a good natural source of magnesium, potassium and trace elements.  This is a fully renewable and sustainable resource.

Liquid fertiliser is used by many of the Premier Football Grounds as well as a number of UK Championship Golf Courses.  Highly suitable for any plant both inside or outside!



Liquid Seaweed is one of the best fertilisers you can give to your plants but is possibly the type people think of when looking for such a product. Liquid seaweed is not only Organic but is completely sustainable with any damage to the environment.  Most Seaweed based fertilisers are mafe from Kelp which can grow to over 50m in length.

A main benefit of using Liquid seaweed is that you can vary the concentration depending on useage, for example on your lawn you would perhaps use a weaker solution whereas for house plants or shrubs a stronger mix would be best.  This will vary on soil types etc but over time you will see the benefits and use the strength that suits your plants, good for vegetables to give them a boost during the growing season.

Folia application is the best and most effecient method of using liquid seaweed and are 8-20 times more effective when applied to the leaves than directly to the soil, spray a fine mist until it drops of the leaves then spray/water the soil. The plants will start to benefit from day 2 onwards.


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