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A HUGE number of people today are looking to avoid giving either themselves or particularly their animals chemicals and potions from VETS etc with their associated HUGE costs, a lot of which not working! Most VETS are only trained in supplying what the Pharmaceuticals tell them when there is a massive array of NATURAL products that will do the job – often much better at a fraction of the costs!

Multi Mite® is familly owned business who have many years experience in the sourcing and supply of Natural based health products that actually 100% work.  You can be assured that EVERY product listed on this site has been extensively tried and tested, most of which are Best Selling products with external reviews confirming this, from our MULTI MITE® and PLAQUE OUT® to our FoodPURA® range which includes Turmeric Capsules and more for human use, ALL our ranges are ever increasing.  It’s our first consideration when we list a new product that its the very Best available regardless of cost that we can source from anywhere in the world, because for a number or our products there are multiple grades or qualities available – we can GUARANTEE that what you find on this site is the best and most effective we can source.

In today’s world where everything you buy or are given by a VET is chemical based, you hear everywhere of the damage that this is doing to animals and to the environment causing increased immunity, the number of customers who are trying to move away from this to more natural based products is vast!  All our products on this site do exactly what we claim they do, we even supply some VET’s directly with our products and are recommended by them regularly!

We also have an increasing range of SEAWEED based products, currently our extremely successful LIQUID SEAWEED Concentrate for gardeners etc and a SEAWEED Meal to add to soil or over grass as a conditioner. Did you know most Premier League Football Clubs use LIQUID SEAWEED for their pitches?  Good stuff and this is very popular!  We also have a range of FEED Supplements which have a daily dose of SEAWEED for your animals – Very beneficial to any animal, again all these ranges are developing.

Everything is professionally packaged, delivery to the normal UK address are FREE and we ship all over Europe.  We dispatch orders FAST & FREE, same or next day by preferred couriers.  We can also ship around the world – just get in touch…..